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[ World Water Day ]How to drink water from healthy way!!

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[ World Water Day ]How to drink water from healthy way!!

Nowadays, people are suffering from fatigue and exhaustion daily life. And, they think they should

take Health functional food or various health supplements.


How don’t you focus on “water” instead of find something special for your health?


Water is one of the essential elements that make up 80% of our body. It is used for important

metabolic processes such as body temperature control, blood circulation and nutrient transport.

And generally, we have to need a separate amount of water intake because 2.5L of water is

discharged per day by urine or sweat.


If there is insufficient water in the body, the concentration of blood may become high due to chronic dehydration,

and it may become fatigued easily and become helpless. Not only fatigue but also caused headache, constipation,

obesity and other symptom, etc.

In these reasons, we have to drink enough water per a day, and this is a way that you keep your health.

Here's how to drink water in a healthy way.



Before you drink water, you need to know benefits of water.

1. Water can help to remove fine dust accumulated in our bodies. If the respiratory tract is dry,

   it will easily catch a cold in in the same weather these days which is dry.


2. Water is pulled sodium out of the body; it eliminates the swelling of the body.


3. Water can relieve constipation. When Small intestine and large intestine are dry state,

   the stool is made harder and it caused constipation.


4. Water is good for restoring fatigue. If there is a lack of water in the body, metabolism in the body's cells

   slows down and Waste product accumulates easily. Waste product caused chronic fatigue syndrome.



Do not drink too much even if it a water!

World Health Organization (WTO) recommended we need to drink 1.5~2L (0.4~0.5Gal) per a day.

When you try to drink this amount of water, recommended by WHO, you are realized that it is really

huge amount. But you should know that the important thing is not only amount of water, but also how to drink water.

Drinking large quantities of water at one time is rather harmful to your body. If you drink too much water at one time,

hypoglycemia occurs in which the sodium concentration in the blood decreases.

Hypoglycemia can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, and etc.

The best way to drink water is to drink a small amount of water at intervals of 20 to 30 minutes,

rather than drinking 2L as recommended by WHO at a time. And you can drink tea instead of water, but it is

recommended to drink only one or two cups of tea every day except corn tea and barley tea.


If you are not used to frequent drinking water, it is really hard to drink a small amount of water at intervals of

20 to 30 minutes every day.


So, why don’t you start with small changes such as putting your own water bottle on your desk?

It can be a change your custom and keep your healthy life!


Let’s drink water for your health and family!


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