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Core export item and the company; an Alkali Water Ionizer by TAEYOUNG …

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작성자 Taeyoung E&T Co…
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TAETOUNG E&T proudly presents a Korean water ionizer with sensuous design, convenient usability and unrivaled technology.

Health-oriented lifestyle has been increasingly popular and there has been  growing number of consumers who wish to know even how a glass of water works to body. Various functional products have been on the market to meet their detailed needs. In the drinking water market in particular, we have seen a big change towards alkali water ionizer, in line with the trend changing from "clean water" to "healthy water".
TAEYOUNG E&T, a Korean ionizer manufacturer, has been expanding overseas market share by exporting its own "RETTIN" branded products to 15 countries including the USA, Canada, Germany, Britain and Malaysia.
The alkali water ionizer marketed by TAEYOUNG E&T is multi-functional product that has been approved as a medical instrument and to mark "MUL". In addition to its acquisition of GD (good design) mark for its convenience of screen-touch with automatic control system and modern design that goes well with any kitchen environment, it has acquired CE (European safety standard) and CB (International Electrotechical Commission) marks. Also the power supply method using SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply), core technology of alkali ionizer of TAEYOUNG E&T, has been patented and widely recognized as an independent and unique technology.
"RETTIN" alkali water ionizer puts cutting-edge technology and user convenience into consideration. The functions of voice guidance and changing the black light colors have made people of all ages to use it with convenience, and its automatic safety checking function makes steady maintenance and management of the product possible.
Alkali water ionizer by TAEYOUNG E&T looks like to gain wider popularity as people have more concerns on their health in Well-Being Age. Wise consumers never miss alkali water ionizer by TAEYOUNG E&T that has function and health in mind. 


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