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Kitchen faucet thinks different

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작성자 Taeyoung E&T Co…
댓글 0건 조회 14,249회 작성일 16-02-05 10:13


The Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer offers complete control over what comes out of the tap. Running water may never be the same.

                                                  Gadgets and devices of all shapes and sizes have become quite adept at giving us what we want when we want it (and more than a little of what we don't want). But whatever "it" may be, it is something that is easy to take for granted. This on-demand access and availability for whatever our hearts desire may be baked into all of our mobile devices, but for stationary objects, the concept is still spreading. Like to the kitchen faucet.

Way back when running water was somehow magically introduced through a series of pipes into our abodes, the achievement must have been hailed as nothing short of spectacular. However, as transformative as this success may have been, there were not a whole lot of options for what came out of the tap.

The Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer changes the way we can view something as common as running water. Designed to deliver water at specific pH levels, the technology allows for users to get exactly what they want when they want it, on demand. Oh, and it looks like an iPhone.


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