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Taeyoung E&T is growing as a company that increase happiness for mankind

  • Leap forward in the world
  • Selection and Concentration
  • Foundation and Development
Leap forward in the world(2015 ~ present)
  • 2021~ present

    Participated Korea Public Procurement Expo 2022

    Registered FDA Class 1

    Acquired Japanese electrical safety PSE certification

    COVID-19 inactivation test with Electrolyzed sterilizing water generator

    Korea Institute of Design Promotion Good Design Selection

  • 2018~2020

    SMART FACTORY establishment

    The world’s first hydrogen alkaline water ionizer released

    G-PASS certificate

    Registered Electrolyzed sterilizing water generator EPA

    MET certificate in USA and Canada

    SOFT X-RAY 2types released

  • 2015~2017

    FTA origin certification acquired

    Promising start-up company selection

    Ranked as “Excellent” class in technology evaluation

    Demonstration briefing for excellent products used by the Ministry of National Defense

    PCT patent applied to 152 countries

    Acquired CE certificate

    Acquired INMETRO certificate

    Acquired CSA certificate

    X-RAY division was founded

Selection and Concentration(2005 ~ 2014)
  • 2013~2014

    Awarded prize for export

    Contracted as MAS with Public Procurement Service

    Acquired patent for management system of customers and products

  • 2011~2012

    Registered WQA(Water Quality Association)

    Participated ISSA interclean show

    Rewarded as Exemplary taxpayer(Minister of Economy and Finance)

  • 2009~2010

    Design-consulting business selected

    Registered qualification of bid participation in Public Procurement Service

    Selection of Export company

    Selected conversion to export company

    Registered UL for water ionizer

    Approved CLEAN work-shop

  • 2007~2008

    New C.I released

    Certificate of Venture Business

    INNO-BIZ Certificate

    Acquired patent for water ionizer and control method using SMPS

    Awarded Export Tower

    Selected promising export company

  • 2005~2006

    Selected qualified company from KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice)

    Acquired permission for production of medical device from KFDA

    Launched medical substance-producing device

    Business contract about clinical trial under the department of Pathophysiology, Chung-Ang University

    Korea Institute of Design Promotion Good Design Selection

    CE, CB certificate for water ionizer

Foundation and Development(1995 ~ 2004)
  • 2004

    Establishment of R&D center(Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Center)

    Exclusive agreement of water purifier with Hyundai I'PARK

  • 2003

    Changed company name to TAE YOUNG E&T CO.,LTD

    Constructed the ERP computer system

  • 2002

    Acquired ISO9001 / ISO14001 certificated

  • 2001

    Acquired C mark as excellent quality company certified

    Constructed Head office building

  • 2000

    Released 5 types water purifiers including TY-5003

    Constructed Factory

  • 1998

    Established a Water Shop logistics center

  • 1997

    Import and supply Contract about Major appliances

  • 1996

    Released 3 types R.O water purifiers including PRO-500

    The water system plant team was established

  • 1995

    Established the Taeyoung Clean Water